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Years of Credit Reporting

What we do?

The CIB functions as the central repository of all credit data/credit history of individual and commercial borrowers. We collect, compile and consolidate loan/credit data for the purpose of assessing their creditworthiness of borrowers. The Lending Institutions provide information about loan repayments and other relevant information of borrowers to the CIB which are consolidated by CIB database system into separate files on every individual customer or business. It is an information sharing mechanism which helps to minimise the problem of asymmetric information between the Lending Institutions and the borrowers in the credit market.

No. of individuals covered by the CIB databases as of December 2023 263640
No. of companies covered by the CIB database as of December 2023 5550
Number of institutions providing information to the CIB as of December 2023 13
Number of searches made in a month (averaging across months) as of December 2023 11967
Number of ‘hit reports’ generated in a month (averaging across months) as of December 2023 9610

why credit report matters?

Credit worthiness assessment

A positive credit history suggests responsible financial behavior, making the person more likely to qualify for higher amount of loan at favourable interest rate.

Risk mitigation

The credit report helps lenders assess the creditworthiness of borrowers and thus mitigate credit risk by avoiding customers with poor credit history.

Financial Planning

Monitoring one's credit report allows individuals to track their financial health and identify areas to correct any errors.

Dispute resolution

Regularly checking your credit report allows you to identify inaccuracies or discrepancies and initiate the dispute resolution process to correct any errors.

Interest rate and loan terms

A strong credit history may lead to lower interest rates and better loan terms, saving borrowers money over time. Conversely, a poor credit history may result in higher interest rates or even rejection of loan applications.

Financial awareness and Education

By understanding how the use of credit can impact your financial life either positively or negatively, individuals can make more informed decisions regarding borrowing and spending.