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A consumer report contains true credit information of the consumer which would access the credit lender(s) to improve their credit risk management and facilitate the credit sanctioning process. The credit report shows the demographic details of the borrower (i.e. Name, Citizenship Identity Card Number, Permanent Address etc.) and the detailed history of his credit status (i.e. Credit Facility, Amount sanctioned, Last Payment date, Amount Outstanding, Number of months in Arrears, etc.).

Consumer Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Credit Reports provide a detailed view of the Subject's Credit History, which will provide a complete perspective of the Subject's indebtedness. This includes information on the Subject's demographics / firmographics, Inquiries made on the Subject, Address Details, Credit Facility Details, Details of Dishonored Cheques, Details of Suits Filed agianst the Credit Facility, Details of Securities pledged against the credit facility.